The Essence of Storm Soccer

The Sheridan County Soccer Association is focused on nurturing the potential of kids during all levels of their soccer development. This starts at ages U-8 and continues in the Club until U-14.  The Storm Club, in fostering a sense of social responsibility in Sheridan County, wants to ensure that every child has access to enjoy soccer at the Club level. As such, Sheridan County Soccer Association offers scholarship opportunities for individuals who may not be able to pay the associated fees.

Getting Started

To get started, please read the details of this Scholarship Application and submit the completed application to:

Sheridan County Soccer Association
PO Box 6765
Sheridan, WY 82801

Everyone is Welcome

The Sheridan County Soccer Association welcomes all who wish to participate and believes that no child should miss the opportunity to play soccer at the Club level based on their ability to pay.  Through our partnership with generous donors and Club affiliations, SCSA seeks to provide assistance to youth and families. This scholarship is based on individual needs and circumstances, and will be awarded on a case by case basis.  Scholarship recipients must meet income guidelines to receive assistance.

Committed to our community

The amount of assistance is determined in a fair and consistent manner.  Every player receives the same opportunities and benefits regardless of whether or not they receive a scholarship.  Storm players can feel confident knowing that they are a part of an organization that genuinely cares for the well-being of all people, and is committed to the youth of this community.

A volunteer organization dedicated to youth, soccer and fun!

Sheridan County Soccer Association (SCSA) gives no guarantee of assistance and reserves the right to deny application requests at the sole discretion of the SCSA Board.  Scholarships are non-transferable.