SCSA greatly appreciates our volunteer coaches. We recognize the commitment that each coach gives to our association and to their team & parents. We will strive to provide each coach the resources to be successful and achieve goals.

A good coach is a special kind of person. She or he is a parent, teacher, friend, disciplinarian and psychologist to the players. When a coach accepts the responsibility of coaching, their responsibility is to the players, their parents, the club, and to the sport. As Sheridan County Soccer Association (Storm) subscribes to the principle of teaching by example, it asks that its coaches conduct themselves in such a manner as to set an example that, if followed, would enable every player and parent to be a credit to the game.

To be eligible to coach, you will need to:

  • pass concussion training
  • complete the SafeSport training
  • pass a background check (no cost)

After clearance to coach:

  • Coaches will be issued a team bag, bench and set of soccer balls.
  • Coaches will receive a Team Binder with rosters and player cards from Registrar prior to the first tournament.
  • Coaches will communicate to players and parents practice schedule and game information.
  • Coaches will register team for play in outside tournaments is so desired by team.
  • Please have a mandatory parent informational meeting first week of practice.
  • Check your team in for various tournaments online through your GotSport account. These are required and do have deadlines that need to be adhered to.
  • Report league game scores to State via State website.
  • There are a number of veteran SCSA coaches who are willing to help coaches new to the program with practice drills, playing positions, etc.

Your point of contact for coaching questions is Jessica Barnes and her email is: